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Northwest Shippers was founded on January 1, 1990. Our business model was based on the belief that if we created a company committed to serving people, we would be successful. It's easy to win business based solely on price, but then the question becomes " can price deliver success"?

In a market where time, cost and service are major concerns, you need to do more than focus on price. We developed a program that enables us to deliver tons of freight, on schedule, and in good condition. Our main goal is to make our customers successful so they continue to grow their business. After 30 years, we've learned this model works as we continue to maintain our commitment to serving people well. As a result, we service most of the major steel companies in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

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We excel at providing "On Time Delivery" solutions for our customers.

We have fulfilled the transportation needs of large corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies, and community organizations. NSI provides reliable transportation options that are both flexible, and cost effective, resulting in customer satisfaction throughout the 48 states.

We use state of the art technologies to provide immediate access to transportation assets in close proximity to your freight. Strong business relationships and financial credibility enable our team to effectively, and efficiently, meet your transportation needs.

We are able to provide fast and simple rate quotes upon request. Establishing a relationship with Northwest Shippers, Inc. is fast and easy. In a matter of minutes, your immediate logistics challenge can become our team's focus and priority. Service is the key to our success.


Specialty: As a freight broker for more than 30 years, Northwest Shippers has been hauling a large variety of machinery - CNC Machines, Milling Machines, Brakes, Presses, Fabricating Equipment, Plastic, Molding Machines, Chopper Pumps, Raymond Handling Equipment, etc. We also ship high-end metals: stainless, brass, nickel, bronze, aluminum plate and stainless steel pipe. We run 48 states including Alaska and Canada. Truck load and LTL services are available. Flatbeds, Drop Decks and Conestogas are the main source of our equipment. We also do some specialized and over dimensional loads.


Fast • Easy • Reliable

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NSI Has Carved a Niche in the Market, specializing in LTL.
Northwest Shippers specialize in high-end metal and equipment, as well as other flatbed LTL products. By consolidating loads on the back of a flatbed, and not in a warehouse, Northwest Shippers delivers your freight on time and in good condition. Your freight is handled by the shipper and receiver of the product. Less handling translates into less damage to products being transported. No warehousing delivers your freight on time. Say no to warehousing and transloading and give Northwest Shippers an opportunity to show you a better way to get your LTL to you on a full load schedule.

NSI Will Track Your Freight Daily.
Northwest Shippers will track your freight daily. On time delivery is important. If we discover your freight is off of schedule we can make the needed corrections while the truck is in route. Tracking is key to on time deliveries.

NSI Will Earn Your Trust.
We understand that trust is earned. You earn trust by handling difficult problems. Trust us with your difficult freight. We want to earn your trust before we go on to bigger and better opportunities within our relationship.

NSI Consolidates on the Back of Trucks, not in a Warehouse.
Two of the biggest problems with partial freight starts with the wrong equipment. You don’t need a warehouse which leads to excess handling, and storage of material intended for delivery. You certainly do not want flatbed freight loaded in a closed van. That creates additional damage, as well as unsafe loading, and unloading conditions. Northwest Shippers consolidates on the back of a flatbed, or conestoga not in a warehouse. Makes a lot of since when you think about it. On-time delivery in good condition.

NSI Can Find Answers to Your Complicated Freight Problems.
Unlike your kids, we will take out the trash! Difficult freight requires time, and the right price. It also requires attention to detail. Call us with your most difficult partial freight needs. We will find solutions.

NSI Will Handle Your Full Loads Too!
Because of our name, Northwest Shippers, customers assume that we only handle freight in and out of the Northwest region. This is a myth. Northwest Shippers handles freight in all 48 states, Canada, as well as Alaska. Another common misunderstanding is that Northwest Shippers is only a partial freight company. This is also a myth. Full loads are easy. We can handle your freight—full load or partial.

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Service Is The Key To Our Success

Truck - Steel Pipe

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding service for as long as I can remember. Northwest Shippers has been a key factor to the success of Pacific Machinery and Tool Steel Co. With the support of everyone at NSI we have been able to cost effectively move material into our facility from all over North America! The staff at NSI is collectively one of the most enjoyable group of people that I have had the pleasure working with. The attentiveness to detail and the no quit attitude until the job is done makes NSI our go to shipping option There is no job too big or no job too small. Every job is handled with professionalism and care. Northwest Shipper are not just people working, they are friends working for you!"

- Jason Breazile, Purchasing Manger
Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Co.


Phil and his company have provided our company with over 25 years of reliable flatbed trucking for our metals service center business. His company has provided reliable, consistent and competitive trucking for our products with very few problems. Even more important, if there is a problem Northwest Shippers is there to find a solution.

- Judy Tangen
Production Manager
Stainless Flat Rolled products at Alaskan Copper & Brass

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